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Connecting Your Business to the Technology Resources You Need

LiDAR involves a scanning and ranging laser system that produces pinpoint accurate, high-resolution, topographic maps. The original technology has been in existence for 20-30 years; however, commercial applications for LiDAR generated topographic maps have only developed within the last decade. At Barksdale Technologies, Inc. we have become an industry leader in terrain mapping utilizing advanced technologies that allows our system to be truck or ATV mounted to collect the data from a real-time construction perspective. This perspective allows for rapid permitting procedures and solution based interactions.

Design and engineering can quickly share the collected data within hours of collection. Post production is minimal and can usually be simplified by customized scripting for the intended perspective. LiDAR provides time saving steps that differ from traditional surveying and aerial photography which allows decisions to be made promptly and accurately. The technology provides a significant savings in every aspect of Planning, Pre-Construction, and Post-Construction activities. In addition, the data collected can be utilized for historical references and layered over data collected years after the initial points were collected.

Flexible Solutions: A Format for your Application

There are many different file formats for LiDAR data and not all formats work with all programs. Barksdale Technologies, Inc. captures the data as raw points and we can work with you to ensure the thousands, millions, or even billions of points are processed and/or indexed for import/export to your intended application. LiDAR often collects more data than necessary ;however, we have the background, knowledge, and experience to configure filters to assure that we only collect the date that you need. We can provide the data in the RAW format or offer post processing. Barksdale Technologies, Inc. is completely flexible to your projects needs and/or requirements.

Technology that Provides a Total End-to-End Solution

LiDAR vs. Traditional Surveying Methods

Traditional surveying is often slow and often times restricted in demanding environments. Barksdale Technologies, Inc. is not only able to operate in these environments, but we are able to operate with speed and accuracy.

Our LiDAR fleet of capabilities includes ATV or truck mobile mapping. We offer dynamic scanning that provides detail and precise scene capture of terrain as well as a wide range of feature extraction such as curbs, lamp/utility posts, trees, traffic lights, and other items of interest that are part of your project.


Highly Accurate Base Maps
2D and 3D Models of the Aerial Plant and Land Base Routes
High Resolution Imagery
Clutter Mapping
Tower Site Analysis
Quick Turn-Around

Safety is our Top Priority

Barksdale Technologies Inc. practices a zero-harm environment where our goal is to ensure everyone gets home unharmed. LiDAR complements this initiative and is perhaps one of the greatest benefits for adoption of scanning of roadways and Utility infrastructure. Survey and scanning technician exposure to hazardous situations is minimized when collecting data as compared to that of traditional methods.

ROW Patrol

ATV patrols combined with LIDAR surveillance are completed on a weekly basis to detect threatening excavation activities along the pipeline and visually assure no releases have occurred.

Coupled with LIDAR, we are able to measure the foliage and can put together an accurate foliage growth rate, which in turn allows for more effective management of your clearing resources.

In addition, we can help get new ROW clearing projects off the ground. We are fully GIS capable and offer highly affordable digital mapping services.


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